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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, June 6, 2009


am i getting older?
newsflash.yes um you're getting older dear!
am i look older?
uwaaaaa... afraid to hear the answer.
someome told me - i looked like i'm 28 years old.
is it true? owh.. pls. you dont have to respond.

sometimes when i looked myself at the mirror - im questioning myself.
do you happy for 26 years you live (almost 26!)?
have you achieve what you dream for? (or at least you be on the right track?)
how do you look yourself 10 years from now?20 years? (except for wrinkles?!)

i'm getting older but yet -
i still far from what i've dream for (far from the track as well!).
i'm happy but not happy enuf.
sometimes i can't let go the 'PAST'.
i still not sure the purpose of my existance.
i still can't / don't do what i always want to. (7 things i shud do before i die)
i'm lost!

so.. look i am today.. i feel shame with myself.
there a lot things i want to improve and change but ...i still like the 'old umliyana' !
im 26 - i feel young but i'm not that young ( people say - you look mature compare with your age!)
im 26 - still wondering what shud i do with mylife.



swit@kon said...

mid life crisis - thats it!


mila said...

kamu x nmpk tua ar.

didi said...

walaupun mungkin nampak tua, tapi yang penting kau masih jauh dari mencapai kematangan.haha

i like all versions of um liyana!

sayang ko

S h i n o said...

url changed:

swit@kon said...

blog ko dapat award!!!! sila claim di page aku!

eja said...

um nmpak tua??ihhihiihi....
kedut dh byk ker um..isk isk ko nie....ker sebab ko gemok um...kuikuii

ummphs.. said...

tak melegakan hati aku sungguh!