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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, May 2, 2009


sometimes when we out of plan or we were out of idea - we tend to wait and see.
most people have done it before.
afraid to make any drastic or any big decision - we tend to lay back and said 'wait and see'.
it seems like we don't have any back up plan or any concrete movement to do next.
marriage is not small or tiny little things.
marriage is big. its big enuf to reminds us that we have to be prepared. well prepared.
but what if the obstacle that came is too big for us to ignore?
we had prepared everything but its still come and we dont know what to do.
because we seems out of solutions.
and we back to basic things - we wait and see.
after a year - we tried again. and the obstacle still coming in our way.
by right - we already have back up plan. but suprisingly - we dont. we dont want to give up but we dont have back up. (anyway - who the idiot do that??)
at certain time - we think of giving things up. we not married. we dont have any commitment that we shud commited.- so, there is shud be no problem for us to give up.
but - we can't.we can't give up. we want to stay together. but yet we still got no plans. Again.
so AGAIN - we wait and wait and wait again. hoping for the best.
any idea that might help? pls.. give a real idea. (we tired expect all jokes ideas!)

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babat said...

in this new millennium there is no more different between a man and a women except for their gender.so,stop to lay back and wait something to happen.if that someone can't be the leader,you have to lead.if that someone can't be your follower or comitted to you,then the sign is clear for you to search for another one.don't be afraid of life and making wrong choices in your life.don't think to much of the future cause you will be turn down if the result is not the same as you dream it will be.stop saying that you don't have time to start a relationship all over again.stop giving excuse.life is short.start living by making a choice and don't turn back.you'll be surprise of what you'll gain as an experience.you've to put yourself in a situation in order for you to learn how to solve it if there is a problem and you'll become more stronger."life is short, make choice and no regrets.."