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Sunday, May 24, 2009

is it true?

"..luving sum1 who can't luv u back is like bein' 50-50 comatosed in a hospital..comfortably lyin' but unconsciously bleedin'..soundly sleepin' but silently hurtin'..continously breathin'..yet slowly DYIN'..!!"

* taken from bulletin board friendster

my friend ask me :
" if i have some trust issue with my boyfriend - is it bad? he's nice but somehow i can't trust him completely. shud i re-consider him as my future husband?"


swit@kon said...

hate to admit but the first quote sounds SO true!

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

trust is a subjective matter..

rasa cemburu or terdetik nak caya atau tak, its that pinch of salt that makes ur relationship stronger (if u know how to twist that feeling)..

jgn sbb jeles tu, one take distance from their partner coz salah guna emo tu sebenarnya..

renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal!

didi said...

I have never trusted anyone completely. To me, people lie. Maybe if you think the worst of people, they will surprise you in a good way. If you expect too much, u get dissapointed easily.

Mungkin tak bagus cara aku ni, tapi aku selalu fikir, baik macam mana pun org depan aku, kalau belakang aku dia nak buat jahat pun, bukan aku tau.

So aku percaya dengan semua benda with a handful of salt. Itulah defense mechanism aku.