Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, January 24, 2009


They have very short story. They meet. They became friends. They fell in love.

Because of so much time they spent together – they seems like know each other better. All the bad and good things about the. They seems inseparable.

But she had some bad history with men. The part where she left him. Her ex-boyfriend.

Now.. She open new book. New hope. New dream.

She been happy.happier I guess. She love him. So much.

Being with him and left her ex – involved a lot of sacrifices. At certain point – she almost lost everything she care about in her life. But there also times she want to give up and let him go.

Still. There she is standing. Still hang in there. With him. Forget all the memories behind.

Or actually she is the only one who forgets and left each of the memories behind.

And she never thought the memories remains in his heart or mind.

She never thought that memories actually make him didn’t trust her.

Somebody told her trust is something you have to gain. Not for free.

But.. Didn’t all the sacrifices and love she gave mean anything to him? Or at least someone told her it does mean something to him.

By the end of the process – She is the one who wounded. Not him. Not her ex.

The only thing she had left for him – love. Besides that.. she have nothing. There’s no hope and dream. Even for herself.

Old story never been old if we keep remember of it.

Old story always be the reason for new story.

Their story is very short. They meet. They become friends. They fell in love.

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