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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, September 5, 2008


dari tadi aku cari idea nak taip kat sini. dh bape kali aku duk taip then delete. aku mcm tak dapat cari ayat pemulaan bagi entry kali ni. so.. aku decide untuk bagitahu yang sebenar. which i've no idea what should be the beginning of my entry. entry for 5th august.

starting monday, there will be slightly change in my scope of work.
starting Monday, my post no longer ketua unit kompetensi.
starting monday, my post will be ketua cawangan kewangan.

yep! me and finance.
i hope it is a good combination.

but.. i do realize that my new post are more challenging than before.
the job itself challenging. not include pressure from boss and perception from my staff yet.
so.. I'm hoping for the best.

i'm gonna miss my current job.
i'm quite like this job.

i knew i have to prepare mentally. emotionally.
all staffs here said the bad things about finance.
but.. I'm trying to set positive mind.
yes.. i knew. all the first time are scary. new job are scary.
semua kerja sama. semua kerja ade pressure tersendiri.

it's all depends on you.


ami wafa said...

best of luck!
hope u'll find ur "thing" in finance.

Anonymous said...

finance is an interesting job to do.. make sure u have all the pekeliling around u.. huhu.. but sometimes, experienced staff can make a difference... chaiyukkkk

didi said...


um, aku dah xleh bising2 pasal tatatertib dgn kau!!!!!

yantie, kita dah hilang satu member tatatertib!!

good luck babe, with the new job

swit@kon said...

gud luck babe!aku harap ko akn lebih bahagia selepas ini....aku dan didi merasai kehilangan ko di dunia tatatertib :)